About Us

For more than thirteen years, the TriCounty Community Network (TCN) has supported the community organizations that serve our greatest needs. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created to support and revitalize the greater Pottstown region, TCN acts as a catalyst and driving force behind the organizations committed to workforce development, education, youth empowerment and other social programs. We provide various no and low-cost services for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to focus on serving the community through training, fund development support, nonprofit community advocacy, and networking. TCN has come to occupy an intermediary position between neighborhood, business, and government allowing us to effectively represent the needs of the community, and to share competing perspectives in a constructive manner to move everyone forward to accomplish our shared goals.

      • Invests in nonprofits to help them become more effective
      • Promotes real collaboration to achieve community development
      • Identifies gaps and emerging community needs & finds innovative ways to address them
      • Locally based, locally run, locally supported, and returns the value it generates directly back into the community

Who We Are


Rather than focus solely on the creation of new nonprofits that may duplicate effort, we help build the capacity of existing nonprofits and increase their effectiveness by forging partnerships and collaboration where it is needed.


We identify needs as they emerge and bring nonprofits and other community partners together to collaborate and solve problems.


In addition to identifying problems and related solutions, TCN finds the resources that partners need to turn ideas into action.