Creative Health Services

Creative Health Services provides quality behavioral healthcare designed to empower and promote wellness for individuals, families and communities.

Creative Health Services, Inc. believes in the ability of all people to recover from the difficulties placed before them. We envision a future where all members of community are valued and welcome contributors, where children are nurtured to their full potential, and where no one is denied access to what they need for success.

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Address: 11 Robinson Street
Pottstown , PA 19464
Phone Number: 484-941-0500 ext. 2136
Fax: 484-941-0515
Creative Health Services is Pottstown's community behavioral health center serving 6000 children, adults and families every year by asking, "What's your story?" As our 350 employees meet with people at our many campuses, in schools, homes or community settings, understanding trauma is foundational as we connect with those suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use disorders (including opioids), co-occurring disorders, bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia, and any behavioral health issue in between. Trauma is a response to a stressful experience, or series of experiences where one's ability to cope is dramatically undermined.[1]  Repeated exposure to one or more adverse experiences can negatively impact brain development, cognitive and neural function, and relationship formation. Instrumental in developing the Pottstown Trauma Informed Community Connection (PTICC), Creative Health works to help everyone replace "What's wrong with you?" with "What happened to you?"[2] People communicate through their behaviors, so our goal is to hear the stories, meet people where they are and offer tailored counseling services that lead to a life of purpose and meaning connected to loved ones and the community.

[1] Massachusetts Advocates for Children, 2005
[2] Joe Foderara, LCSW, BCD in Bloom, Sandra L. MD and Farragher, Brian (2011) Destroying Sanctuary. Oxford University Press, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Trentacoste, the CEO and Clinical Director of Creative Health Services, Inc., introduces our President and Vice President of the Board of Directors, chosen to guide the community behavioral health center in Pottstown. David Palena, Director of Maintenance at Exelon Nuclear serves as President of the Board of Directors for Creative Health Services. Serving as Vice President is Ragesh R Patel, Environmental Group Manager at the Department of Environmental Protection, Southeast Regional Office.
Palena reflects that he is exceptionally honored to follow in the very able footsteps of previous Board Presidents at Creative Health to support the excellent services being delivered across our community, especially services for children. He shares, "As we know from all of the work around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), addressing trauma and behavioral health issues as early as possible results in the best outcomes for kids, families and our community. Relationships with our area schools and community partners add to the impact Creative Health has on hope and healing in Pottstown-and in all of the areas they serve."
Patel is especially enthusiastic about Creative Health's geographical expansion through the opening of their newest office in Phoenixville. "Creative Health is at the forefront of responding to real issues that children, individuals and families face, such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction/recovery so people can lead meaningful and connected lives," adds Patel. "Opioid addiction and overdose deaths are just one example as to how Creative Health is right in the game with their Opioid Overdose Survivor Engagement Team. They are changing lives by meeting people where they are."
In 2008, creating an innovative and attractive space for collaborative health service that stands apart from typical community service providers guided the building of 11 Robinson Street. The National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) members commended us for accomplishing this seemingly unattainable goal with these words of affirmation, "This thoughtful and strategic attention to detail has generated the creation of one of the most attractive, unique, and innovative spaces for treatment and recovery in the country." Perhaps the highest compliment was paid when a consumer advocate stated, "I feel like I am beginning to recover just by walking in here," Just as important to us, the reaction from our partners and those we serve has been overwhelmingly positive over the last 10 years.