Mother Goose: Read to Me

Mother Goose: Read to Me Corporation is a charitable organization that provides free age-appropriate books to children (from birth to 18 months). Our mission is to promote literacy by working with parents of infants.

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Address: 1439 S. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone Number: 610-906-5513
Our volunteers demonstrate to parents how to talk and read to infants. We work with social agencies and organizations in the Pottstown, Boyertown, and Limerick areas to provide free books to parents for them to keep and use. We explain the importance of talking and reading to babies. and, we share fun and different ways to read books to babies.

Since 2013 we have provided more than 800 new books to parents and infants through our volunteers at Community Health and Dental Care, Birthright of Pottstown, the Pottstown Library, the YWCA, among other organizations. We also have provided hundreds of gently-used books (provided by local churches) to older siblings.

Mother Goose: Read to Me was the brainchild of the late Sandra Zuchero. Sandy spent her career as a Special Education teacher for the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and the Pottstown School District. Sandy and Sharon Holloway, another former Pottstown instructional support teacher and intervention reading specialist had the plan to train young mothers and fathers in ways to increase the number of words their children hear. Using simple picture books, they wanted to encourage and teach mothers how to interact with their very young children, thus exposing the child to a new and ever expanding vocabulary.
"Thank you once again for the infant and preschool books that you provided. I had the pleasure of reading one of them to an 8-month old baby today. I love the fact that we can provide them with something so good for them that they enjoy so much."
Carole Bell - Co-Director - Birthright Pottstown