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Genesis Housing Corporation
Genesis Housing Corporation is dedicated to the development of affordable housing, the revitalization of neighborhoods and to the education of consumers on housing and financial issues. Our general activities include: 1) The rehabilitation of homes to provide safe and decent housing for lower income households 2) Improving and stabilizing neighborhoods by reducing blighting influences 3) Providing housing counseling and money management services for potential homebuyers and homeowners.

Developmental Enterprises Corporation
DEC is passionately committed to supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities to reach their fullest potential through personalized training, tailored therapies and other programs and services that promote independence, choice and community integration.

MOSAIC Community Land Trust
Mosaic Community Land Trust promotes and provides permanently affordable housing and healthy living choices to people of modest means, and through education and participation, creates a vital community with a focus on arts and culture to stabilize neighborhoods and improve the quality of life in Pottstown.

Mother Goose: Read to Me
Mother Goose: Read to Me Corporation is a charitable organization that provides free age-appropriate books to children (from birth to 18 months). Our mission is to promote literacy by working with parents of infants.

Open Hearth Inc.
Open Hearth, a private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Chester County and portions of Montgomery County, PA provides innovative programs to help people end the cycle of homelessness and achieve financial self-sufficiency. Through its own direct provision of services, as well as an established network of other nonprofits, Open Hearth supports and empowers people as they acquire affordable housing, a means of transportation and financial viability.

Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities
Through interfaith cooperation, PCRC provides tangible services, support, and spiritual guidance to address the basic needs of persons within and beyond the Greater Pottstown area, coordinating programs and referrals to help clients improve their overall stability. Food Security. Housing Resource Center. Supportive Services and Education. #Nourishing Lives. #Strengthening Families.