Who We Are

For the last 10 years, the TriCounty Community Network (TCN) has fostered collaboration to impact community change, beginning with its own inception as a merger between two similar organizations in early 2006. This initial collaboration between two organizations leading to TCN's formation continues to drive an increase in community capacity. The organization develops strategic partnerships that problem solve community needs, supporting the capacity of local nonprofit organizations. TCN's footprint is the area bounded by a tenā€mile radius centered in Pottstown Borough, including areas contiguous with seven school districts in the Tri-County Area.

TCN provides meaningful and sustainable partnerships to foster the regrowth of the Greater Pottstown Area. Almost all valuable work is done as a community. Creativity and innovation rarely emerge from people working alone. TCN pulls together its member organizations and the community at large to actively problem solve on specific community needs, with the goal of providing real and lasting solutions. Targeted areas of concern include housing and homelessness, workforce development, youth empowerment, and healthy communities. The organization provides strategic direct service programming and projects impacting these areas of community interest. However, TCN does not tackle these projects and programs alone; it invites organizations already working in these areas to the table to decrease duplication of effort. All parties work to identify service and program gaps that can be filled through partnership. Whether creating a pipeline of service to address the needs of families in the community, or working together to plug a hole in community services, the partnerships result in sustainable solutions.