The Women’s Center of Montgomery County is a volunteer, community organization with a primary focus on freedom from domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Our programs, policies and procedures reflect our strong commitment to empowering women.

  1. Women’s Center of Montgomery County

    The Women's Center of Montgomery County is a volunteer, community organization with a primary focus on freedom from domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Our programs, policies and procedures reflect our strong commitment to empowering women.
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More About Us

The Women’s Center of Montgomery County works to eliminate domestic violence so that individuals can live safer, more stable lives and thrive. Through our programs and services we work to save lives, promote self-sufficiency, create institutional change,and reduce the impact of domestic violence. In addition to our domestic violence program goals, as an organization we work to provide enrichment and skill-building opportunities for our staff and volunteers, promoting positive societal and policy change toward gender equality, and building our capacity to serve the community by increasing awareness .

Our Domestic Violence Program provides an array of services which support domestic violence victims and their families in their transition toward safety, security and self-sufficiency, while also training first responders to effectively identify and refer victims and creating awareness in our community about the dynamics of abuse and the resources that exist. These services include:

Intervention Focused Services: Counseling: 24-hour hotline; safety planning; individualized counseling; support groups; elder abuse services; information and resource referrals. Legal Advocacy: legal options counseling; court accompaniment for Protection from Abuse Orders. Additional services include: assistance with locating affordable and/or temporary housing, emergency cash assistance for victims escaping an abuser.

Prevention Focused Services: Community Education to create awareness about abuse dynamics; programs for youth teaching non-violent behavior to break the generational cycle of violence; dating violence and stalking prevention; and training for law enforcement on effective response protocols.

Medical Advocacy (MAP): Training medical providers in universal screening, identification and early intervention; technical support to hospitals developing domestic violence protocols. We were the first PA program to expand MAP efforts to include identification of at-risk children who witness domestic violence in their home, elder abuse screening in healthcare settings, and training for Urgent Care Centers.

One of our greatest strengths is our volunteer labor force, which is the cornerstone of our sustainability. Each year we benefit from more than 20,000 hours of volunteer labor, donated by more than 185 highly trained volunteers providing direct services. Our commitment to volunteerism in the provision of direct services incorporates our empowerment philosophy by developing the skills and talents of trained community-based volunteers as peers to support, inform and empower victims, allied professionals and our community. With 8 locations across Montgomery County, our volunteers are integral to our ability to serve 5,000 victims each year.

Among our unique assets and resources are our 1) large, committed volunteer base; 2) strategic use of technology; 3) multiple locations; 4) reputation as a quality training provider; and 5) ability to provide direct service to a large and diverse number of victims.


Awards and recognition that the Women’s Center of Montgomery County has received include:

2020 Winner of Impact 100 Philadelphia grant award for $100,000

2017 Barra Foundation Award grant recipient recognizing innovation and leadership

In 2016 we received an award from the NAACP in recognition of our commitment to diversity. In the same year we received a $10,000 national grant award from Johnson and Johnson in honor of the outstanding Board service of our past treasurer.

In 2016/17 Program Director Denise Flynn received an award from our Courts. Legal Advocate Pauline McGibbon received the TriCounty YWCA Non-Profit Service Award. Both awards recognized their leadership and service to domestic violence victims.

In 2007, our Medical Advocacy Project was recognized with a GlaxoSmithKline Impact Award

2005 Citizens Bank/NBC10’s first Mid-Atlantic Region Community Champion

In addition to elected leadership roles in local and statewide boards our Executive Director has had interviews and op-ed pieces appear in publications such as Philadelphia Magazine and Teen Vogue and on air with NPR, KYW and NBC10